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You need not settle for less by choosing a career in the field you truly love. Since 1968, United Studios instructors have been the most highly compensated in the industry. Many are equity partners/owners at their studios. Our most successful operators have six-figure incomes. While the odds of becoming a professional athlete are astronomical, the odds of becoming a professional martial artist with USSD are in your hands. With the USSD Professional Instructor Academy, you can become a highly respected professional martial arts instructor.

Rewarding in many ways… professionally, financially, socially, spiritually

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Instructor Certification

USSD Professional Academy Graduates will be eligible for positions in USSD studios across the nation. Top graduates will be eligible for expansion into new, undeveloped territories both nationwide and internationally.

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Financial Aid

For qualified applicants*, financial assistance is available

  • tuition assistance
  • scholarships
  • work credit
  • grants

*free application available on request

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Flexible Schedule

Learn and train conveniently. While you maintain your current training regimen at your home studio, Academy training sessions are one night weekly at studios on the central coast. Along with an in-studio apprenticeship, you will receive a twice-monthly group workout and evaluation session.

Our Mission

The mission of the USSD instructor academy is to identify, recruit, train and produce qualified, motivated and capable instructors for our studios (existing and future)

Because we understand the teaching in studio operating are vastly different skills and solely being a martial artist, we are committed to operating as a professional trade school with an entirely different curriculum in the USSD studio. We enable passionate martial artists to learn the art of teaching the USSD Shaolin Kempo system, studio management, sales, marketing and promotion, and growth strategies.

Each of our experienced trainers has proven effectiveness in all areas of successful USSD studio operations. We strive to produce instructors more capable than ourselves.

Thanks to Professor Mattera’s vision, USSD has become the largest and most successful martial arts studio operation ever. Our professional instructors are the best trained and most respected in the industry.

The right career for you with flexible solutions for your schedule needs

“At 16.4%, the March 2012 unemployment rate for workers under age 25 was twice as high as the national average. Though the labor market is now headed in the right direction, the prospects for young high school and college graduates remain grim”

— Economic Policy Institute, briefing paper #340.

Career Opportunities

Full-time instructor
Program director

Marketing specialist
Special events coordinator
Part-time instructor

Studio general manager
Studio owner
Child specialist

Administrative assistant
Regional manager

Business Skills

In the USSD Professional Instructor Academy you will learn:

  • business basics
  • marketing basics
  • bookkeeping and accounting basics
  • sales basics
  • professional development and leadership

Teaching Skills

  • Children, adutls, teens, groups, private lessons
  • Motivating students
  • Drills
  • Sparring
  • Breaking down material to its core
  • Understanding kata application
  • White belt – black belt curriculum
  • Club, knife and grab defense
  • Ju-jitsu / Chin Na
  • Kempos
  • Warrior mentality

Martial Arts Training

As a member of the USSD Instructor Academy, your martial arts training and advancement is critical to success. You will receive additional training in your home studio weekly. All Academy members receive an additional private lesson as part of the program. The time will be used to fine-tune and accelerate your training. Because it’s at your home studio, scheduling is convenient and easy.

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